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Central Coast Mariners CEO Shaun Mielekamp on the triumphs and troubles ahead of the upcoming campaign

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  1. Hasso says:

    Mr Mielekamp has mentioned all the things positive about the current Mariners and I myself have been one of the naysayers on Charlesworth’s case. It appears my view was short sighted, mainly because of lack of information the like of what has been provided in this article. Wonderful that there is now a women’s team that I can channel my Matildas interest to, not that I am a great supporter of the women’s game but I now will be as I have been provided an interest. Mr Mielekamp left out listing one obvious asset to the central coast that has glued the football club together over this difficult time………. he strikes me as being a round peg in a round hole …….. Mr Mielekamp himself.

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